Coming in July

Country Music today, the series will be all about the latest country music today and will be on weekdays and late night. Please stay tuned to the updates..

New talent

Dee Joice, has a new record in the way. Here is there latest video. awsone De Joyce..nice sound. And well written. Laurence Mehlhorn . Century one records LLC Dee Joyce…

Globehitch News, in place.

We are happy to announce the addition of globehitch news to our station under the news categories you will find access or click here.

Coming soon Documentary Series.

the documentary series a series about war in the region, bug hunt series, archaeology series, treasure hunt series, natural disaster series, and nature life cycle series, the religion in the…

Radio world today, announces a major world wide coverage, plan of one billion listeners per month.

Please stay tuned to the updates. That are being implemented daily..

Royalty today past and present series.

Featuring King Charles and Royal Family a show that discusses your questions and deliver with answers that shape society and the world today. See it on Royalty today past and…

At the band halls

Featuring the life of Eddie Van Halen. Check it out here and the music airs on our schedule that will be up this Month.

Drive at five

Preview the drive at five here…. Add your comments to our forum here.

Century One Records

Century one records is signing new talent, if your a musician looking for airplay, Please do send us your very best material.